End modern slavery


End modern slavery

 So precisely what does it mean to finish modern slavery?…. Just how can this be accomplished? …. What comes after the defeat of the centralized bank?…. What will our new system be similar to?…. These are typical questions that lots of people have already pondered about in the present as well as in yesteryear. Remember, slavery thru “money control” isn’t a new idea. This concept has been around since ahead of the establishment from the first ever centralized bank. The founding fathers knew the ramifications of getting a centralized bank and so they fought diligently to keep out of America. They designed America to become controlled by The People. Not by any government or private company. America is to be controlled solely through the People. There has been several occasions of all time when a centralized bank was established on this country and that we have defeated them in the past. The final president to handle problem of the centralized bank was Andrew Jackson who had managed to get his political career to vanquish the central bank which at that time was called “Second Bank from the United States”. That's proof we could end modern slavery.

“The bold efforts the existing bank has made to manage the government…are but premonitions of the fate that awaits the American people whenever they be deluded in to a perpetuation of the institution, or perhaps the establishment of some other want it.” - President Andrew Jackson



I understand we can defeat them. It can be performed because it’s happened before. If you think that we want a president who wants to end the Federal Reserve then opt for Ron Paul. He's been so outspoken up against the Federal Reserve for so very long and the man has vowed to end the government reserve should he become president. John F. Kennedy was the final president to oppose the centralized bank but he was assassinated to be sure. If you feel JFK’s assassination was associated with his opposition from the Federal Reserve then you are for a passing fancy wave length I'm. And so i say, Ron Paul for president, but what else can be achieved? Isn’t the country founded on We Individuals. Ron Paul is an man. Where are the everybody else? Exactly what can we all do to aid him on his noble quest? We can't rely on one man to save us from the established power. We should learn how to depend on ourselves. We should learn to help each other. I am talking about, We're FREE PEOPLE DAMMIT! Do you not notice the vibe of freedom stirring in the human body? The amount of have fought ideal being free? The amount of have bled and given their lives for freedom? The amount of have lost friends and family inside the name of freedom? Their lives shall not in vain….right? Their lives have VALUE as well as the proof of their VALUE resides in the hearts with the loved ones they left behind.


I believe it is our duty to undo the government Reserve but I don’t know where to start so I made a decision to start by reaching financial freedom. For me, the greater people which are financially free, the less power the Federal Reserve has over The People. So let’s defeat the centralized bank. Let’s reach financial freedom and destroy the government Reserve. You may search for your personal approach to freedom, but I suggest you join me at Empower Network because there are plenty of people that have reached that goal in a not much time in some places are many people that are well on our approach to reaching financial freedom. What separates Empower Network from others is always that each member is dedicated to helping one another out. Many of us are sharing ideas and pushing one another toward attain the goal of monetary freedom. It is a classic system that brings “people power“ into play and I believe by using this super powerful and unique system, we can finally get rid in the perpetual debt the government Reserve has placed here. We reach financial freedom by helping others achieve financial freedom. Plus, the name Empower Network is cool. Variety name can there be to empower The folks through the networking age? If you are being when i feel, if you notice things i see, and you want to be financially free while i do, then click the link in the bottom of the page or click the big yellow button near the top of the page and become part of the empowered. We'll do excellent achievements.

centralized bank

Say “aye” inside the comments if you want the ousting with the Federal Reserve and say “vote for Ron Paul” if you want him being our next president. And please, you're always thank you for visiting leave your own personal opinions or thoughts in the comments section. :)

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